Department of Physics


The Department of Physics is imparting quality education and research guidance to its students with the aim of serving the community at large.

Department has highly qualified and motivated faculty. All the faculty members of the department are striving arduously for achieving excellence in their profession and are utilizing all their potential to uplift the academic standards of the college. Currently, the department is offering BS-Physics (4 years) program and also teaching Physics at intermediate level. Department is working hard to impart Physics knowledge to the students using state of art methods. The Department of Physics seeks to be a highly standard Physics learning center in Pakistan. Our mission is to provide rigorous training in the scientific process and a firm scientific understanding of nature to foster critical thinking and to provide scientifically literate and liberally educated physicists. Developing highly qualified physicists who can serve as major contributors to the scientific and technological literacy in the field of Physics. Providing physics knowledge, experimental experience and training in analytical reasoning and critical thinking required as the basis for the students seeking advanced studies in physics.

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