I welcome you all who have entered this prestigious educational institution for your bright future. It is an honor and great pleasure for me to be a head of Govt. Graduate College Gojra. College life always fascinates every young heart. No doubt, College life plays a vital role in the grooming and nourishment of a person. It is a gateway to higher education. You have surely made a very wise choice by selecting this institution for your future education. You have entered a new world of possibilities, learning and knowledge. As head of the institution, I assure you that you will get the best possible facilities and quality education here under the guidance of the dedicated, experienced and professionally equipped teaching staff.

Our college is rising to the new heights of glory, quality education and commitment. The college has launched BS (4-Year) programs in ten disciplines from 2016 as well. It is now upto you to make the most of the opportunity offered to you. It is our task to improve the quality of education, uplift the standard, promote the dignity and respect of the institution and worthy teachers as well to enable them to take up the challenges of the future. It is also our mission to strengthen the increasing trust of the students and their parents as well as the general public in the institution. For a bright future, there should exist a cordial relationship between the teacher and the taught.

My dear, education is the backbone of a nation. Without proper education, no nation can make headway on the path of progress and prosperity. The youth is our future. It is up to the young to equip themselves with education to make this dear homeland an advanced country. Let us rise up again for the Muslim Renaissance through Research, Education and Knowledge. As students, you should follow the footsteps of our great ancestors in seeking knowledge. It is our moral, religious and social duty to seek knowledge with zeal and zest not only to lead successful lives but also to become useful members of society and play our constrictive role in the national life. May Allah Almighty bless all of you with great success in future. Amen.


Professor Dr Rana Altaf Hussain

Vice Principal
Muhammad Rafique